Michal Prywata is an inventor, entrepreneur, and multidisciplinary engineer with a passion for advancing technologies to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. He has co-founded several companies that are pioneering the way in healthcare, agricultural productivity and sustainability, biotechnology, space technology, and natural resources distribution.

Michal’s first startup, Bionik, a technology developed at MIT, revolutionized robotic neurological recovery, significantly advancing the standard of care for patients, beginning with stroke victims. Bionik’s technology is just the beginning of the potential for artificial intelligence and robotics to change the way we think about healthcare and improve human well-being.

Another of Michal’s companies, Organic Intelligence, developed the world’s first plant communication technology. This advance in sustaining and enhancing a crops’ productive life-cycle using outside communication that guides and enhances growth through the interconnectivity of the root system is a ground-breaking technology that enables crops to grow more efficiently, resiliently, and less dependently on fertilizers and pesticides. Redefining sustainable and environmentally responsible farming that generates significantly increased yields, Organic Intelligence is poised to play a crucial role in addressing the world’s growing food crisis.

Michal’s venture, Phantom Space, is creating one of the first end-to-end space companies – from mission planning, to spacecraft design and launch, to satellite constellation management – featuring a team that includes several founding members of SpaceX. This specialized team is re-imaging how we access space to revolutionize the field of off-Earth exploration while creating a pathway for humanity’s expansion into the cosmos.

In line with his passion for space and exploration, Michal is a proud member and supporter of The Explorers Club, The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, The Royal Astronomical Society, The National Geographic Society, as well as The American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Michal is also one of the founders of Quantum Cognition, a think tank designed to research and develop AI technologies to both advance as well as safeguard humanity. 

One such technology is FundGPT, an autonomous and transparent investment system allowing even small investors to benefit through the democratization of the power, speed, informational accumulation, processing, and data analysis capabilities afforded by financially targeted AIs.

Quantum Cognition is also driving the development of a counter AGI initiative codenamed, “Pegasus”, to essentially hard-wire present day, as well as future AI developments, with embedded “kill switch” technologies to protect humanity from runaway or near-sentient AIs whose determinations may run in opposition to humanity’s survival.

As a venture investor and advisor to several funds, Michal focuses on fundamental human needs, such as food, health, biotechnology, and space exploration.

His fascination with astrophysics and the mysteries of the cosmos has led to years of research and experimentation in this field, resulting in a personal theory on dark matter. Michal has always been a strong believer in Ray Kurzweil’s law of accelerating returns and believes that we stand on the cusp of many technological breakthroughs that will change the course of human history.

Michal is also a proponent of personal health and human longevity, and has spent much of his adult life “bio-hacking” himself in pursuit of living a long and healthy life and helping those around him achieve the same.

Born to Polish parents who chose to start a new life in Canada, Michal is deeply influenced by his parents’ pursuit of the American Dream. He has a love for travel, adventure and exploration, and those who know him well will attest to his creatively eccentric nature, accented by his mantra to always take on life with a dash of humor.

Most importantly of all, Michal knows that through technology, innovation, and human ingenuity, we’ll create and share a better world.

🇬🇧 English: /mˈaɪkəl/ pron. “Michael”

🇵🇱 Polish: /ˈmi.xaw/ pron. “Michał”

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